Breaking Out of Your Loop: Reaching Financial Independence

Discipline Yourself for Success

Life presents many harsh realities to you as you age. It slowly becomes apparent that the people seeking to constantly help you along are nothing more than a mere illusion. More often than not, it will be up to you to change your lifestyle and create a better future. It is very easy to allow yourself to become a statistic and never reach your own ambitions. Many struggling individuals believe that, “There was no help, and I was owed more.” Entitlement can become a deadly characteristic when you let it create bad habits. I believe there is one characteristic that can truly help cultivate a better lifestyle and future. Discipline shows individuals the path between ambition and success.

Pure discipline is something that is one of the hardest characteristics to develop or even understand. As John C. Maxwell put it, “Most people want to avoid pain, and discipline is usually painful.” However, it is important to remember that without this pain and hard work, success would be meaningless. Society often views the individuals at the peaks of their careers as lucky or born to succeed. Yet, time and time again it is proven that those who work hard will succeed at an exponential rate compared to their lazier counterparts. This is very apparent in athletes; some will practice two days a week, others may even train almost daily, but the truly talented and driven will be working multiple times every day to truly master their craft. This method of discipline extends far beyond sport and into the realm of personal profits.

Money is just waiting to be taken in many scenarios for those savvy enough to work hard and take the opportunity when it presents itself. Omega Notes is offering this very opportunity and we are looking for disciplined individuals seeking financial independence. Our platform allows students who are disciplined to use their former notes and generate an income. The opportunity is waiting for those who will seek it out and take advantage. However, just like most things in life, most people will let the opportunity go, instead opting to continue on with their unremarkable life. They will fall back into a stable routine, too scared to try or even conceive of a new way of shifting their former lifestyle to a better one. I encourage you to break out of this loop by giving us a look and selling notes with Omega Notes.

Beyond even working with our company, I encourage you to evaluate how much discipline you are applying in your own life. You can always change for the better, but you cannot go back in time; making changes now will let you reap the rewards for years to come. It is my hope that this blog allows individuals to become a bit more disciplined in their day to day lives and truly live better. Feel free to check out Omega Notes on Facebook, Instagram and our website for more information about our company and what we stand for.

Where Does True Innovation Come From?

Innovate your life.

Innovation is changing our world at unprecedented rates. We are shifting in ways that many thought were unimaginable decades ago. Yet, who are these people that are changing the world? Perhaps, they are the greatest minds of our time. Often they are thought of as individuals with revolutionary ideas. However, I think who most of them are would surprise you.

There once was a man who barely slid his way through high school. This man took pride in drinking water out of any lake in California. While others were reading about business, he used his time to join the Sierra climbing club and aimed to reach the peaks of the highest mountains in California. While climbing with a friend one day, he looked out upon a large mountain and decided he wanted to climb higher. There was no great climbing material on the market, so he began blacksmithing his own pitons. Not long after, demand for his pitons began rising and he was selling them to his friends and family. Profits were small but he could climb higher and was making enough money to let him live his preferred lifestyle.

Perhaps, Omega Notes could provide you with the same opportunity as the climber above. When you start selling with us there may not be huge profits to show on the first day. I cannot promise you will be an overnight millionaire like many marketing schemes. However, you do give yourself a chance to start making money. With that being said, my hope is that with the right connections and advertising you can do much more.

Let’s touch briefly on this mountain climber again. After he started making these small profits, word slowly started to spread about this novel creation. There was soon enough demand for his gear that he couldn’t keep making it by hand; he had to start using tools and machinery. By 1970, this climber’s company, “Chouinard Equipment,” had become the largest supplier of climbing hardware in the United States. By 1972, the man who had been known to drink water out of lakes started selling his own clothes for the outdoors. His clothing brand “Patagonia” is something many may be familiar with. This man also known as Yvon Chouinard, had become an outdoor industry billionaire. Yvon never had a crazy idea or aspired to be the “most educated” man of his time. He once even declared himself a “dirtbag,” proudly claiming to have spent 200 days of a year camping in national parks and running from rangers.

Yvon Chouinard has proven that a great business can come to fruition in unexpected ways. All it takes is for an individual to see a need for a product or service, and fill it to the best of his or her ability. As a company, we pride ourselves in giving you the opportunity to put your note-taking skills to good use and giving you your own business opportunity. Get out of your comfort zone and try posting notes with Omega Notes today. Lastly, follow our Facebook page (Omega Notes) and Instagram (Omega_Notes) for more posts, tips and free giveaways.


James Greenland

James is currently a rising Junior at Pennsylvania State University. He joined Omega Notes at the start of the summer. As a Sales Intern, James strives to help students realize the value of the notes they take in class.