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What is Omega Notes?

Founded in 2014, Omega Notes is one of the leading collegiate learning services companies. We were initially created as a collaborative notes marketplace where students could exchange notes and user-generated content. Since then, we have expanded by taking what we learned from students and developing a platform built upon the research of Next Generation Digital Learning Environments (NGDLE). Through this mission, we created the world’s first Collaborative Learning System to bridge the gap between a Learning Management System and a Content Management System while simultaneously offering features never before seen in the Ed Tech industry.

Omega Notes pairs cutting-edge technology with tailored learning solutions. At Omega Notes, we believe there is a better way to provide quality course content in a way that resonates with a digital-first generation. We’re passionate about our Collaborative Learning Environment and the positive impact it continues to create for students, educators, administrators, and institutions as a whole.

Omega Notes CLS

Course Packs

Through the Omega Notes Course Pack system, content from any source and publisher can be bundled and distributed directly to students. The cloud-based platform provides educators the tools they need to effectively provide digital learning materials to students all at the lower overall cost when compared to traditional content providers.

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The Notebook is a cloud-based community of learning. Accessible to all Omega Notes users, the Notebook improves classroom engagement and group collaboration by making it easy to discuss, create, and share course content. Students can take notes, ask questions, and study with friends in a distraction free social media atmosphere.

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Omega Notes’ Insights comprehensively monitors content consumption, peer-to-peer collaboration, and student assessments to understand how students are learning as they’re studying course materials. Detailed classroom and institution analytics are then delivered to authorized users in an easy-to-use query based interface.

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