Academic Integrity

At Omega Notes, our core mission is to improve learning outcomes. We believe the best way to accomplish this feat is to connect students with the content and study tools they need to learn and absorb the course content. It is paramount that as you use our services, you are abiding by the conduct guidelines of Omega Notes and your university’s Academic Integrity Guidelines.

As an overview, Academic Integrity is about conducting scholastic pursuits in an ethical manner. It is of the utmost importance that you keep yourself and your peers to the highest standards when pursuing your academic goals. Before you post any content to this site, think about how this impacts other students learning and the ethics of distributing the content.

Look at it like this, if your instructor wouldn’t want you to share it, neither do we. Please refer to your university’s policies on academic integrity for specific information pertaining to your institution.

When using Course Pack products, proper student conduct is also expected — feel free to answer peers’ questions about course content, but please refrain from irrelevant or hateful posts. We believe these policies are the best way to promote better study habits and improve student learning outcomes.

After all, we’re here to help students learn — not to help students cheat.

If you suspect a violation of academic integrity and/or plagiarism, please report it to

Please review our Terms of UseAcceptable Use.