Mid Semester Motivation

Once we come back from Spring Break, it’s an up hill battle to keep your motivation for the rest of the semester. The sun and relaxation was such a tease. While it may seem impossible to stay dedicated to your studies, we have some tips to help you out!
1. Make A Visual
You promised yourself at the beginning of the semester you’d finally get that 4.0. Now it seems as if that same person is a little less confident. But you have to remember why you wanted that goal in the first place! Make some sort of visual to remind you why you want to succeed and place it somewhere you look everyday. It could be a picture of a person who inspires you, a quote, or maybe even simply writing your goal down and hanging it on the wall. Daily reminders will help.
2. Eat Chocolate
This may seem surprisingly, but there is actually science behind this. Eating chocolate releases dopamine. Dopamine has been proven to increase your heart rate and your motivation. White chocolate is even more effective. So when you need some help, eat some chocolate. Maybe even treat yourself after you finish an assignment or studying with even more chocolate. You’ll be surprised at all you can get done.
3. Make It Easier On Yourself
Sometimes, there is so much on your plate and you seem to bite off more than you can chew. Find study buddies and study groups where you can. No when to say “no” to joining another extracurricular or picking up hours at work. Check out omeganotes.com to help you in a class. If you allow yourself to have less stress, you’ll be more motivated knowing you are fully capable of handling everything.
4. Make A Plan
If you stay organized and make a plan, you’ll be likely to stick with it. You’ll see tiny tasks to do each day that will be more helpful into accomplishing your major goals for the semester!


What about you? Any tips we missed? Comment below and let us know!