6 Things We All Experience At The End of The Semester

  1. All The Homework


It seems like all the professors conspire at the end of the year and just throw any and every assignment your way. Between papers, projects, and exams – everything can become a blur. When it all becomes too much, take a breather and refocus. Just remember why this all matters in the long run.

2. Soaking Up The Sun


The end of the year brings the beautiful sunshine. You can finally go to class in shorts and t shirt. It can make it hard to go to class when you’d rather be laying outside or playing games with friends. Remember to find the balance between relaxation and work!


3. Being One Step Closer To Your Future


Another year down means another step closer to your future. College flies by and in just four short years you will head out into the real world. Make sure you take in each year as much as you can. The end of the year can be nostalgic, but new memories will come the next year and even after college as well. Just make the most of your time in the moment.


4. The Dreadful Packing


The worst part of the end of the year can be packing up all your things in the midst of academic craziness. Try to space it out in the last few weeks and if you can even make a quick trip home, divide up your belongings that way. It will save you some time and stress.


5. No Meal Plan, More Problems


The end of the year also means your meal plan is probably running low. You probably used too many meal swipes on coffee. If you’re lucky, you can hit up your mom or dad for some extra cash or maybe your friend even has more meal plan. Try and plan it out so that this doesn’t happen (even though it still probably will).


6. Saying Goodbye To Your Second Family
At college, you create a second family. You live with these people 24/7 and find yourself amongst them. They help shape who you are becoming for the rest of your life. Like we said before, college is short. Make the most of your time with your second family now before saying goodbye to them for the next 3 months. 

5 Types of Professors You Have In College

Despite different schools, students can usually connect over similar college experiences. Whether its orientation week, your first football game, or the dining hall food – students can all find a connection. One connection we can find are facing the professors. Here are the five types of professors you’ll have in college:

  1. Mr. Monotone

One of the most dreadful experiences is having a professor who speaks in the same dull tone during class. It’s even worse if it’s your 8am. The best way to deal with this to try learning the material on your own before class, and then just using the lecture to reinforce the information. Find funny examples and draw pictures for notes you make take. If your professor can’t liven up the material, do it for yourself!

2. Destined to Fail

We’ve all heard rumors about the professor who is nearly impossible. You walk in the first day of class practically greeting your demise. But don’t let rumors get to you. Often times, people all learn differently so the professor may actually be good for your style of learning. But if it happens that the rumors are true, try using office hours. It shows your professor that you care and it can give you one on time that just might help you find that clicking moment with the material.

3. The Cool Prof

It’s the one who is cracking jokes in class and dresses down everyday. As much as we all love the “cool prof”, these ones can be the most dangerous. Don’t underestimate their difficulty. However, one great advantage about the cool prof is that it will be extremely easy to build a relationship with them. Building relationships with professors is important because it provides networking opportunities after college.

4. The Political One

This professor will somehow pass on their opinions here and there in their lecture. It might be even more obvious if you have their class during an election season. They may be republican or democrat, or you might even have one of both. If you agree with their political beliefs, it can be a pretty fun experience. If you disagree, just try to bite your tongue and focus on the school work.

5. The One Who Change Your College Life

At some point, you’ll meet the professor you really click with. You will absorb the material well and you’ll feel comfortable asking any questions! They might appear your freshman year and help you find a perfect major or maybe even in your senior year when you’re looking to nail a job. If you haven’t found them yet, don’t worry! Sooner or later, they will come!