How to Market Your Notes

Blog Post 6.16.2016

It is easy to sell your notes but you can market your notes too. Below are a few suggestions on how to ensure that your notes sell quick and repeatedly.

  1. Social Media-Tell your friends that you are selling your notes. Whenever you post notes to the site, share your listing with your networks. This ensures that your notes get the most attention. One of your Facebook friends may want those Chem notes.
  2. Tag your notes appropriately-Tagging your notes with the right words can help dramatically. Try to tag the notes with phrases or terms that are relevant to your class. For example, don’t just sell bio notes. Sell Bio 204 Exam 3 Study Guide. The more keywords you use, the more likely your notes will be seen by others.
  3. Have sellable notes-List notes that are good notes. Try to have notes that have lots of graphics, are legible and detailed. Good notes will give you a good reputation and thus good reviews. Buyers will buy notes from a seller with a 5 star rating before they will buy notes from a 1 star seller.
  4. Post more-The more you post, the greater the chance is your notes will sell. Plus, more listings provide more credibility to you as a seller. More notes mean more profit.