Did You Know About The Secret Study Spot In Downtown State College?

Did you know about the Launchbox?

The Happy Valley LaunchBox opened in March 2015 and has remained a secret to many Penn State students even though it is open to the public Monday – Friday from 8:30 AM to 4:30 PM. For a year, this study space has been under the radar, but in fact it is a great place to study by yourself or even do a group project. The wide open space offers multiple rolling tables and white boards for students to use. It is quiet, yet lively at the same time with the bright colors. Next time you are looking for a quiet, new place to study grab yourself a coffee at Panera and walk up the block to the LaunchBox located at 224 S. Allen Street.

A College Student’s Top 5 Ways To Wake Up In The Morning Without A Coffee

 “If you get enough sleep, you won’t have trouble getting up”. Easier said than done right? Waking up to that annoying ringing noise telling     you to get up from your cozy bed and head to that 8AM class can be the one of the worst things. But it doesn’t have to be. Here are some suggestions to give you that extra push in the morning.

  1. Download the Wake n Shake app

    This free app is just like an alarm-clock but with a catch: you have to shake your device aggressively to turn off the sound. This is a great way to not move like a slug out of bed and into your day. Some people may hate this method, while others love it. I personally use the app and I’m not exaggerating when I say you have to really shake it to disable it.

  2. Open the windows

    When you get up in the morning there is nothing that wakes you up quite like natural light. This natural way to alert yourself in the morning shifts your body from sleep mode to wake-up mode. Since I leave my house within 20 minutes of getting up, I immediately feel a change in alertness when I walk outside for a few minutes. If your schedule allows so, try going on a morning walk or sit on the porch for a couple of minutes before beginning your day.

  3. Put your phone across the room

    This is another technique that makes you put an effort into getting up. If the alarm is in arm’s reach, you are more likely to hit that snooze button. I know it’s hard to wake up and not reach for your alarm clock or your phone. But, it forces you to get up and move.

  4. Call your mom

    Yeah this sounds like a strange one, but it helps! Remember who used to wake you up in grade school? Who wouldn’t let you hit that invisible snooze button? Mom. Talking to someone you’re close to can charge you up and it is said that talking to your mom is stress-relieving.

    5.Create a “Jazz-you-up” playlist

    If you haven’t already done so, select 5-6 songs that you can sing along with in your head or out loud. In addition to this, try to only listen to this playlist when you get up. You could look forward to waking up just to listen to this playlist!

As a college student, these are just a few of the things that help me with my morning struggles. Think you have a better idea? Tell us in the comment section below!