Final Exam Study Tips!


We know it’s easy to be stressed out when exam week rolls around. Here are a few tips to help you study and ace your finals!

1) Check to see if your final exam study guide is on Omega Notes!

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2) Get started early. Don’t wait until you feel like studying.

3) Predict possible exam questions.

4) Contact your professor or TA with any questions or concerns.


5) Explain the material aloud.

6) Study with a friend and teach the material to them.


7) Say yes to cardio. Science says that just 20 minutes of cardio will help improve your memory!

8) Combine all materials such as class notes, previous assignments, practice tests and textbook readings.


9) Attend a review session before the final.

10) Get at least eight hours of rest each night.


11) Eat healthy and stay hydrated!


12) Post and sell your notes on Omega Notes!

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13) Be confident, you got this!


Have any other study tips that you want to share with us? Leave us a comment!

Old Main on Penn State's University Park campus.

Best Places To Study On And Off Campus at Penn State!

Although Penn State has a huge library on campus, some of the best places to study are downtown and around campus. With midterms and finals week fast approaching, check out these alternatives spots and skip the packed library!


  • HUB Bookstore Starbucks-The HUB can be a very busy place. However, the bookstore located inside the HUB is a quiet and comfortable place to study.


  • Webster’s Bookstore Café-Located just off of campus, the bookstore is a unique place to get cozy and study. The café is filled with all kinds of board games for when you need a quick study break!


  • Information Sciences and Technology Building (IST)-Located on the West side of campus, IST building is a spacious spot to spend the day studying or doing group work. There are many tables and open classrooms throughout the building, plus Au Bon Pain is located inside! Bring a sweatshirt with you because this building is known for being chilly inside.


  • Old Main lawn-It’s definitely not ideal during the winter months. However, on a warm fall or spring day, the Old Main lawn is the perfect place to lay down a blanket and get work done.


  • Bio Behavioral Health Building (BBH)-Many students are very fond of the BBH building due to its spacious and modern design. It is easy to find an open table with comfy chairs, perfect for you and a study partner!


  • Irving’s-Irving’s is the perfect spot to study and snack located right on College Ave. It offers two floors filled with tables to spread out and get work done.


  • The Arboretum-One of the most beautiful, but also furthest place to walk and study at is the Arboretum. The Arboretum is filled with beautiful trees, flowers and benches. If you are prone to allergies, this probably is not the best spot for you!


  • Barranquero Café-Also located downtown, Barranquero Café offers a warm and welcoming environment. It’s the perfect spot to grab a table and spend the day studying and sipping their Columbian coffee.


  • The Schlow Library-A popular alternative to the Penn State library on campus is the Schlow Library downtown. The Schlow Library is a public library. However, it offers a noise free environment, perfect for studying.


  • Saint’s Café-Located downtown, Saint’s Café provides a small and peaceful spot to grab a table and start getting work done. Unlike Dunkin Donuts and Starbucks, Saint’s Café is hardly ever crowded. Studying isn’t the worst thing in the world when you can snack on baked goods from the Saint’s Café.


Have any better places where you like to study on or off campus? Let us know in the comments section below!