Finding the Road Less Traveled

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Throughout life, people will constantly give you advice. A multitude of paths will present themselves. However, it will be up to you to decide which road is the right journey. People will assure you that they know the correct path. These people will even give you proof of their past experiences and force a route upon you. As a person, you may also have to endure constant suggestions coming in from all angles. It will seem as if your life has turned into a conglomeration of opinions of the people who are closest to you.

However, there comes the point where an individual must question those opinions. People must realize when a system is broken and begin to adjust to it. This is where change arises and how people can begin to start a movement. Yet to start a movement is much easier said than done. There are many examples of people conforming to society because “it’s tradition.” People can easily be fooled into thinking that one way is right merely because it is accepted in society.

I encourage you as an individual to look beyond the surface. I have found that one that lives to please society will often live very unfulfilled. Take the time to consider your own goals and ambitions. Look in the mirror for ten minutes and ask yourself if this is truly where you want to be in life. If not, then take matters into your own hands and change it for the better. The past is set in stone, but the future is always changing as a result of today’s actions.

Through my work at Omega Notes, I have learned the value of pursuing your own ventures. Instead of merely taking repetitive phone calls or working a regular job, I have the chance to help students learn that they can provide for themselves by doing simple tasks. Through our service, it is possible for students to connect with other students and network with classmates. If a student is a successful networker and generates good content, they can very well become financially independent. Allowing students who have been struggling working multiple jobs a very viable alternative. This system puts the power back in the student’s hands and away from large companies.

I hope that even outside of Omega Notes, individuals chase their own passions. It is important to realize that you don’t know what you don’t know. To truly garner the best sense of self you must constantly be learning about new things and new people. Perhaps you have not even found what you love to do yet. Maybe you never met someone who you will find truly inspirational. After a period of self-discovery, you may even have a whole new interpretation of who you are as a person. Define yourself; do not let others tell your story.


James Greenland
James is currently a rising Junior at Pennsylvania State University. He joined Omega Notes at the start of the summer. As a Sales Intern, James strives to help students realize the value of the notes they take in class.



Half of a Chicken Nugget Meal

Don't be broke. Earn cash from your notes.

Being broke has been an unfortunate reality for many college students, all that is about to change. Last semester there were many days when I woke up hungry and tired. I had to compromise on where and when I could go out to eat. I even considered getting a part-time job just to have enough money to get by. As the semester was nearing an end, there was a point I had to split a McDonald’s Chicken nugget meal with my friend. I could only afford half of a chicken nugget meal, and I can assure you that that was quite a low point of my college career.

However, when I woke up one morning at the end of the semester something particular peaked my interest. I looked to my right I saw a two-hundred-page finance textbook. I had never even opened this book the whole semester except for one reading. This drove me furious as the book cost me $230. To my delight, the bookstore assured me they had the best buyback policy around. At the end of the semester in the same store, they offered me an astounding $4. I could likely buy more ramen with those $4. It is time we break this system and change it. It is time that students stand up for themselves, and we create an alternative to this outdated and corrupt method.

College textbook prices have risen 1077% since 1977. In fact, one of the reasons I chose to work at Omega Notes is because the firm is actively working to reverse this trend. Omega Notes is created by and for students. We allow students, regardless of region or school, to buy and sell class notes. What sets Omega Notes apart from its competitors is a highly student-friendly pricing structure. We don’t ask students to buy a cumbersome bazillion month subscription or charge hidden fees. Students make money every time their notes sell.

Savvy students have made thousands of dollars selling their notes through our site. We want students who take great notes never to have to worry about paying for their textbooks again and at the same time achieve some form of financial independence. Over the last few months, Omega Notes has been working on a new proprietary platform that connects students and faculty members. That’s all I can reveal right now but trust me, you’ll want to stay tuned for this! I encourage you to join us today and stop buying half of a McDonald’s chicken nugget meal.

-James Greenland
James is currently a rising Junior at Pennsylvania State University. He joined Omega Notes at the start of the summer. As a Sales Intern, James strives to help students realize the value of the notes they take in class.