Earning While in the Classroom!


Every college student knows that free time is a blessing. The time I spend on my hobbies and social life gives me brief moments of freedom that I need to make it through each day. Not to mention having time to eat meals in between classes and taking afternoon naps to compensate for my lack of real sleep. This, after I told myself I would fix my sleep schedule after winter break (which still hasn’t happened by the way).

Unfortunately, every college student also knows that these moments are few and far between when so much time is spent in the classroom taking notes during long, drawn out, and energy draining lectures. The worst part is that all of my free time and the time I spend on academia earns me a whopping $0. So much for spending the night out with friends since I’m already broke after paying hundreds for tuition and books. I suppose getting a part-time job would compensate for this outrageous imbalance between the inflow and outflow of cash, but that means saying goodbye to my precious free time. Suddenly I remember that college life can be dreadfully unforgiving.

But what if I told you that you could get a paying part-time gig just for being a student? Well, being a notetaker isn’t a formal (or traditional) job, but it’s a perfect fit for students who value their time. Omega Notes seeks to optimize students’ time in the classroom by providing a platform where they can upload notes they have taken and earn each time someone purchases them. Whether you are a freshman who wants a little more spending money, a senior ready to graduate, or anyone in between, Omega Notes will reward you for being an attentive student.

The best part about Omega Notes compared to other note sharing platforms is how simple and non-intrusive it is to use. Students from any region or school can sell their notes at any reasonable price and put them out there for fellow students to purchase without any shady hidden fees or subscriptions. We also don’t bombard students with annoying emails constantly reminding them to upload their notes with us. Feel free to upload what you want and when you want, then watch the money flow in. Start using Omega Notes and start making your time in the classroom worth your while!

The Key to Better Negotiating

Earn Money

Finding the best price has become a true art. Personally, I will negotiate the cost of an item with pretty much anyone. In the past, I haggled with store owners over the price of soccer balls, jerseys, shoes, water, and even a slice of pizza. Everything is negotiable, and people will compromise more than you would expect.

Over Memorial day weekend my family took a trip to the Jersey Shore. That Sunday evening, as everyone began vacating the boardwalk and heading home, my cousin and I decided to hang around for a bit. About an hour passed by when it started to rain, drenching our surroundings. I convinced my cousin to take one last walk through the rain in order for me to grab a slice of pizza.

We walked into one of the only pizza places still open during the downpour. It was vacant except for two people who were seeking shelter from the rain. However, there was a wide variety of pizza slices behind the counter, and it was becoming rather late. The workers looked tired and wanted to head home. The store was still selling pizza at the usual price. This is when I seized the opportunity and used my power as a customer to haggle with the owner a bit.

At this point, my cousin became increasingly uncomfortable. She had to walk away and was avoiding eye contact with the owner. Her feelings probably reflect how many people would feel in that situation. People tend to accept a worse deal than they deserve, so that they can avoid societal pressures. Many people in society fear how they will look negotiating or if others will think less of them. Former President John F. Kennedy believed “We should never negotiate out of fear. But let us never fear to negotiate.” His words reach much further than politics.

The one key to becoming a better negotiator is not fearing to negotiate in the first place. At Omega Notes, we help students to embody this art of compromise. Through our note selling marketplace, students can brand themselves and set their own prices. It is time that students gather the courage to realize that they can achieve more. By sharing my story, I hope that students stop being uncomfortable about searching for the best deal for themselves, and instead focus on making the most of their opportunities.


P.S.- I got the pizza for over 50% off. Know your value as a customer.

James is currently a rising Junior at Pennsylvania State University. He joined Omega Notes at the start of the summer. As a Sales Intern, James strives to help students realize the value of the notes they take in class.