Easy Ways to Get in the Holiday Spirit

1. Buy a small Christmas tree and split the cost with your roommates

       Once you purchase your tree, buy or make your own ornaments!


2. Hang colorful lights inside

        You may already own some, but if not you can find cheap lights at most large department stores.


3. Make gingerbread houses

       A fun, edible craft to do when you want to take a break from studying for finals!


4. Wrap frames with wrapping paper to hang on your wall

        A creative and simple way to spice up any part of your dorm room or apartment.


5. Create paper snowflakes

       Remember when you used to make hundreds of these as a kid?

6. Bake holiday-themed cookies

        What’s a better way of taking a study break than baking cookies??


7. Exchange gifts with friends

       Before you and your friends leave for break, show them you care with a small and personal gift.



If you have any more ideas, we would love to hear them!