Top Tips for Enjoying that Snow Day.

In high school, snow days came at a price: makeup days in the summer. However, college schedules are set in stone and rarely change because of weather. So when the occasional snow day rolls around, enjoy it! Here are eight things to do while on your collegiate snow day.
  1. Sleep in
This is a day off from school! Take advantage of it! Don’t get out of bed until you want to. These unexpected class cancellations don’t come around too often, so we have to sleep in whenever we can.
  1. Go outside
Okay yeah. This is obvious. But what’s the point if you just sit inside the whole time? I know that it is cold but take the opportunity to embrace it and be outside with literally the entire rest of the campus.
  1. Take pictures
Did it even snow if you didn’t take a picture of it? No. Snow is super Instagrammable, and it even excuses a crazy outfit! These will be times that you will look back on when it’s 100 degrees in a couple of months and think about how much fun you had.
  1. Go for a walk
Yes, it is cold. But you are strong. Nothing says snow day like a picturesque walk around campus or a lake. This way, you’ll find all the best photo spots and see your campus in a new light.
  1. Drink Hot Chocolate
Sometimes this one can be hard, because you don’t always plan for snow, and may not have a ready supply of hot chocolate on hand. But there is bound to be someone on your hall who has an extra large box of hot chocolate mix and is willing to share.
  1. Have a snowball fight
Enough said. Get out there and meet new friends by throwing frozen water at them!
  1. Have a movie marathon
Snuggle up with your hot chocolate, of course, pop some popcorn and watch a super cheesy movie. It’s a great way to pass the time while you are dethawing.
  1. Catch up on homework
It’s probably a good idea to take advantage and finish all the homework that you didn’t do.
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CLASS OF 2021: Quick Ways On How To Choose Your Major

First of all, congratulations for taking a giant step into your future. I’m pretty sure you’re going to have a blast during your time. However, for those of you that might not know what you are going to do, I might have some tips that can help solve that. As a reminder, you might know that time is very valuable; so wasting it might not be the smartest choice, specially if you are paying a lot of money!! So here it is guys:

1. Question yourself

This is probably one of the biggest times in your life, so it’s an excellent exercise if you start questioning what you like to do. When I was a freshman, I had those friends that said: “But I don’t know what I like.” This is very ambiguous because you have to like something due to your exposure to different courses in high school. Therefore, I would suggest you find something you enjoy doing. This might be a little far, but effective: whenever you are working for somebody, don’t complain if they don’t pay initially because you are getting experience. So find a career that you can do for free when nobody wants to pay you in the initial stage. If this still doesn’t help you, go on to the next point.

2. Try new things

Don’t be scared! For some, college might be a little some intimidating, but please don’t feel overwhelm by the initial impression. It is all about what you do and how you can take advantage of it. Therefore, if you don’t know what career path you want to choose, try as many new classes as you want. Take engineering classes, architecture classes, art classes, english classes, so on and so forth; then I am pretty sure that you are going to find it this way. However, don’t let this carry-on for long. Restating my first point, time is very valuable, and you don’t want to waste it; specially if it is also about money.

3. Do what you want to do

If somebody else tells you to study something that you might not be interest in, do what you really want to study. This is really important because what matters is what makes you happy. This reiterates to my first point: it is important to choose your career wisely because you are going to work in your field most likely after you graduate. And I tell you this, there is nothing more miserable than working with something you don’t enjoy. So whenever somebody else tells you to study something they like, think about if you can do that for a career after college. Lastly, whenever you are doing something you want, you are going to do it best because you are enjoying it.

Don’t forget to use Omega Notes as your study resource.

What are some questions you may have as an incoming freshmen?