CLASS OF 2021: Quick Ways On How To Choose Your Major

First of all, congratulations for taking a giant step into your future. I’m pretty sure you’re going to have a blast during your time. However, for those of you that might not know what you are going to do, I might have some tips that can help solve that. As a reminder, you might know that time is very valuable; so wasting it might not be the smartest choice, specially if you are paying a lot of money!! So here it is guys:

1. Question yourself

This is probably one of the biggest times in your life, so it’s an excellent exercise if you start questioning what you like to do. When I was a freshman, I had those friends that said: “But I don’t know what I like.” This is very ambiguous because you have to like something due to your exposure to different courses in high school. Therefore, I would suggest you find something you enjoy doing. This might be a little far, but effective: whenever you are working for somebody, don’t complain if they don’t pay initially because you are getting experience. So find a career that you can do for free when nobody wants to pay you in the initial stage. If this still doesn’t help you, go on to the next point.

2. Try new things

Don’t be scared! For some, college might be a little some intimidating, but please don’t feel overwhelm by the initial impression. It is all about what you do and how you can take advantage of it. Therefore, if you don’t know what career path you want to choose, try as many new classes as you want. Take engineering classes, architecture classes, art classes, english classes, so on and so forth; then I am pretty sure that you are going to find it this way. However, don’t let this carry-on for long. Restating my first point, time is very valuable, and you don’t want to waste it; specially if it is also about money.

3. Do what you want to do

If somebody else tells you to study something that you might not be interest in, do what you really want to study. This is really important because what matters is what makes you happy. This reiterates to my first point: it is important to choose your career wisely because you are going to work in your field most likely after you graduate. And I tell you this, there is nothing more miserable than working with something you don’t enjoy. So whenever somebody else tells you to study something they like, think about if you can do that for a career after college. Lastly, whenever you are doing something you want, you are going to do it best because you are enjoying it.

Don’t forget to use Omega Notes as your study resource.

What are some questions you may have as an incoming freshmen?

Best Studying Snacks

Studying for hours on end can be a drag. Thankfully, we have snacks to help us make it through those grueling hours. Here are some of the best snacks to have while studying.

Girl Scout Cookies

No one can resist buying those delicious five dollar minuscule boxes of Girl Scout cookies. Around the months of February and March, cute little Girl Scouts stand all over State College- downtown, in the entrances of Walmart- I even saw a booth in Texas Roadhouse. They’re impossible to resist, and why would you anyway? Girl Scout cookies are the perfect study snack. The only downside is that these cookies are so delicious, they will probably be gone in a study session or two. If you’re a diehard Girl Scout cookie fan, there is always the option to freeze some boxes to save for later.

  • Air-Popped Popcorn

Do yourself a favor and buy yourself a popcorn air popper. After the initial investment, you can buy a huge bag of kernels for cheap, and make batches and batches of popcorn. There’s a range of shake-on flavors to buy as well, so you can constantly switch it up. It’s light, airy, delicious, and not terrible for you. Popcorn is an easy snack to munch on while studying, and the large bowl will be gone quicker than you know it. Also, popcorn is very easy to share with others during a study session. If you’re looking for a good flavor to start with, the ranch is highly recommended.


Skittles is a delicious bite-sized candy that you can never go wrong with. There is a multitude of flavors, such as mixed berry, tropical, sour, and plain old original. If you have a ton of pages to read from a textbook, you can use Skittles as an incentive. At the end of each paragraph, place a Skittle. Once you read the paragraph, you get to reward yourself with a Skittle. It is a delicious way to make reading a little more fun. So next time you have 30 pages of text to read, grab a bag of mixed berry Skittles and it might go a little quicker.

What are your favorite snacks?