The Best of the Best at Penn State Campus

There is a dead person on the Penn State campus.

He’s been here for a while actually, and he lies in the only grave that is on the campus. His name is George W. Atherton, and you’ll come to find that almost everything is named after him. There are buildings and streets and even hotels named after him. His grave is right out in the open on Pollock road. Some people believe that leaving gifts on his grave will bring good luck for upcoming exams.

Penn State is full of strange and interesting places. When you think you’ve seen everything that the campus has to offer, you discover another new place. There are 8,556 acres of everything from stadiums to ancient trees. Here are some of the intriguing places that I’ve found in my years here at Penn State.


The Secret Subway

On the northeast side of campus sits the big ice arena called Pegula. Inside, there is an entire Subway restaurant, complete with a dining room. Many people think that this Subway is only open for hockey games, but it’s open all of the time. A huge perk for those of you living on campus is that this Subway allows you to pay with meal points. While you will find tons of Subways around State College, this one is the only one that you can use meal points at. Since it’s an ice arena, it’s always relaxingly cool on those warmer days. Pegula is rarely crowded other than when events are happening in the arena. Subway’s dining area is the perfect place to grab a sub and study.


Top Floor of the Hub

 The Hub is known for being annoyingly packed to the brim with people. During lunchtime, it’s nearly impossible to find a seat to eat your lunch. On the highest floor of the Hub, there is a row of big comfortable chairs that face in towards the bottom floors of the Hub. The chairs are always open, and it’s the best place to people-watch and eat in peace. An added bonus: you get watch as students walk over the Penn State Seal, which is said to be bad luck.


Indoor Tracks

There are two indoor tracks at Penn State that are usually always open to the public. Treadmills can be painfully boring and can cause damage to your legs, so running or walking on an indoor track is definitely a refreshing change. The first track is located in the Rec Hall, which is located in the northwest corner of campus. The track runs above the basketball/volleyball court and circles the bleachers. This track is free to use, even if you do not have a fitness membership.

The second track is located in the IM building, which is in the northeast corner of campus. The track is lofted right up the steps, and any set of steps in the building will take you there. Unlike the Rec Hall track, a fitness membership is required to get into the IM building. The indoor tracks are a great option to switch up your workout, and they’re empty other than when fitness classes take over.

Everywhere you look, you will find another hidden secret of Penn State. There are parks, ponds, benches, cafes, gyms, and more. Of course, I won’t spoil all of the incredible secrets of the campus- some of them are better when you find them yourself. So keep your eyes wide open while you commute to your classes, because you never know when you’re going to find your own favorite spot.


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