Benefits of Taking Good Notes!

vasily-koloda-620886-unsplashPaying attention during lectures sounds like a simple task on paper, but actually putting good notes on that paper can be a tall order. Nowadays the attention span of college students is about as long as the time it takes them to make instant ramen. I’ve certainly had my days when my body was in the classroom, but my mind was still in bed catching up on sleep. On these types of days, I tend to walk out of classes with a severe lack of useable notes. I ask myself why it’s so difficult to maintain my focus during lectures. Is it because my class is super boring? Is it because the book is super boring? Am I just super bored with learning? All may be true, but then it dawned on me that not being motivated to pay attention could very well be due to a lack of a proper incentive to learn and succeed academically.


Sure, grades and GPA could be considered an incentive, but many college students, including myself, see that as more of an obligation that comes bundled with the college life. College students will be the first to tell you that there is no better incentive than money. For us, money is the most versatile resource at our disposal. Money is food, money is clothes, money is weekends out with friends, and most importantly, money is paying off tuition, loans, and textbooks. I can only imagine how much classroom attention and engagement would skyrocket if college students could get paid to take quality notes during lectures.


Omega Notes aims to provide that crucial incentive to all college students. By uploading your notes to our online platform, students can purchase them for a price you set yourself. Every time your notes sell, you earn residual income. It’s a simple and intuitive system that doesn’t require any training to use. The best part is that Omega Notes completely free with no subscriptions or hidden fees. What you see is what you get.


Being paid for taking notes has a lot more benefits than the ones that come to your wallets and Paypal accounts. Since college students are motivated to upload their notes and earn money for it, they will have good notes to use for their own studies, as well as share them with their fellow students. Our open platform promotes a more efficient and collaborative way of excelling higher education. Not only that, students who are note takers for Omega Notes gain a positive work ethic as well.

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