How To Cram For Exams 101

When the exams are piling up and the hours are dwindling away, we find ourselves in a bit of a pickle. We promised ourselves we would prepare along the way, but sometimes college gets the best of us. Between the club meetings, the hours of work, and all the different courses, things can get messy. Have no fear, Omega Notes is here. Here are some tips on how to cram for exams:


  1. Find Notes

    This seems like a no-brainer, but make sure you have something to study. You cannot read an entire book on a time limit. It’s time to find some notes that will make studying quicker. Head to OmegaNotes.com to see all the valuable notes we have to offer. Spend just a few dollars, and get back valuable knowledge for your exam in minutes.

  1. 50/10 Rule

There is a rule that says you should study for fifty minutes and then take a ten minute break. This is to give your brain a little bit of break while trying to take in all the knowledge possible. It gives you a routine schedule to follow up until your exam.

  1. Find Some Caffeine

If you’re going to cram, you need to be alert, awake, and focused. Caffeine is your new best friend. While some of you may not be coffee fanatics or completely opposed to energy drinks, just try and find something a little healthier with caffeine that will keep you awake. Some good alternatives include a dark chocolate bar and green tea.

  1. Talk Out Loud & Move

If you associate hearing things or movements with material, you are more likely to remember it. Reading notes allows you to visualize it, but you can learn it on an acoustic of kinesthetic level as well.

  1. Study In Your Classroom

If possible, try and study in the room you have the class or will be taking the exam in. Being in the same atmosphere will help you remember certain information on the class.


6. Find A Friend

Find somebody who is either in the class with you or has taken the class before. They’ll be able to study with you and you’ll help each other remember material. While you may have one subject mastered, your friend might have the other. Teaching others is also a great way to make sure you know what you’re talking about.

  1. Don’t Over Exert Yourself

While you may be short for time, make sure you’re staying healthy. Don’t stay up all night. Make sure to get at least five hours of sleep. Keep a calm and cool mind. Mental health is important, too. Attitude makes a huge difference. Go into the exam knowing you’ve done what you can with the time you had, and believe in yourself.