Hard Work Pays Off at Penn State

Many majors here at Penn State require students to take rigorous courses. Some

harder classes include Math 140, Stat 200 and Accounting 211. I have taken all of

these courses and I know that the workload can be overwhelming at times. I have

found that certain work ethics have helped me get through some of the harder

classes and hopefully these strategies can help you too. This means staying up late studying a few nights a week.

Or is could mean having a one-on-one with the teacher to go over anything I may have missed. It is important to stay on

top of your work. Try not to do all of your assignments at the very last minute. In college, the saying “there

is always something to do” means that there is always work to get ahead on. It is

okay to not understand something that a professor taught. It is okay to ask

questions and have a professor or a teacher’s assistant explain a concept or problem

to you again. I have found that Penn State has many extra help options for students

here on campus. There is a free math tutoring service, Professors have office hours,

Teachers Assistants have office hours and there are also note services and tutoring

centers off campus. Lastly, you are in control of your grades. The time to be

concerned with your academic standing is right from the beginning of the semester. Not when applying to

jobs or internships because then it is too late. 

Hard work pays off.


How I succesfully earned money in college by sellings notes Edit article

I am a senior at a big state school taking five courses, doing an internship, prospecting for my future job and trying to maintain a suitable social life. Being financially stable while attending college can be a challenge for many students, especially those paying for their own tuition or living situation. Even for those students who are not paying for their tuition, having money in the bank is important for many reasons. The reality is that we want to make money in the most convenient form. Get a job? Sure. But many students cannot cut time from academics to earn cash.

On an average day, I leave my off-campus apartment at 8:00am and return only at night. There must be a way to make money, right? Should I take surveys online? Should I donate my plasma at the local Bio-Life plasma service location? Should I drive for Uber? None of the above. I found a simple solution for this by selling my notes on the digital platform called Omega Notes. I looked into the platform and saw that I could post my notes and sell them at any value I choose. What does this mean? It means that if I go to every class (let that sink in…No skipping or ditching class on hungover mornings) then I have a product that other students don’t. I also added the value of translating complex concepts and terms into a form of language that us students understand. I used a unique technique of placing the product in front of my direct customers – the students in my class at the perfect time. I did this by waiting until 2-3 days before the exam and sending a personal email to each student in the class notifying them I had notes up for sale. The next day I had made around 25 sales and I was happy!

In addition to being mindblown, I had money in my pocket! Since trying this for the first time, I have done this for three exams and had the same outcome. Not only is this a money-maker for me, but it encourages me to take good notes and brainstorming how to earn more money through selling notes.