The Supplies You Need To Be Better Off In College!

Must- have supplies for school

I am a junior at Penn State University studying Information Sciences and Technology . Before IST, my major was film production and even before that it was environmental engineering. I have been around different departments and there are 2 supplies that I need regardless of the area of interest. 

1.) Omega NotesOmega Notes is a online platform where users can buy and sell notes. Users can choose if they want to be a buyer, seller or both. The way I have setup my account is as a buyer and a seller. So I sell more often than I buy because selling gets money in my pocket. Then I upload them on Omega Notes, when exams come close I make more money. It is a great way for me to make some money for the weekends. Also, I am not good at taking notes for every subject so I buy notes from other people and that helps me to ace exams.

2.) An organized notebook

I am more notebook and pencil kind of person. My notes are all handwritten and I have decent handwriting. Over the course of time I have filled notebooks for my notes and they have work pretty good for me. My handwritten notes sell pretty good on Omega Notes. A lot of times people believe that typed don’t sell but my notes have been selling pretty good. Besides having a notebook for each class, I also use one for personal task management and organization .

Time Management During College



Time management is something every college student struggles with. Between classes, extra curricular activities and trying to find time to socialize with friends, we as a generation are spreading ourselves too thin. We feel this need to be involved in so many different activities at once or we miss out and most of the time we are not able to give them our all. Everyday I hear my friends talk about how they’re doing this and that and the classic “Oh that’ll look so good on your resume.” I am not denying I have not been like that, but I have found an interest to get involved with things I like rather than what I think will look best on my resume. I have experienced the trial and error moments, and through that I have discovered what works best for me. Whether it is planning my professional activities, academic career or social life, I have learned that with the help of a few time management skills I can get so much accomplished. I have discovered a few key things that help me with time management: a planner, a few minutes at the beginning of the week and a simple routine. I have found that by sitting down on Sunday night for a total of 10 minutes and just looking at what I have coming up for that week, makes my week so much easier. I am able to write down when I have assignments due, meetings and specific social events as well. It might be the type a personality in me, but it is such an easy thing to do and getting it out of the way. Time management is not hard to get the grasp of, but it does take some time. So here’s my advice – take that time, and the rest will fall into place.