Procrastinate With Purpose

Let’s be real. Although you should be studying right now, you are probably finding ways to avoid it. Here are some ways you could be productive while taking a break from school work.

  1. Read this blog post- Gotcha! The best way to procrastinate is to read Omega Notes blog posts…right?

  2. Clean your entire dorm room/apartment. I have found that the only time I really clean, is when I procrastinate studying. Cleaning for three hours with my favorite music on sounds a whole lot more appealing than reading a textbook.

  3. Go to the gym. This is when the procrastination gets REAL. Instead of sitting on the couch thinking about how much you don’t want to study, go run on the treadmill and think about how much you don’t want to study.

  4. Scroll through Pinterest to find motivation. I heard that Omega Notes has a great feed for motivation seekers…

  5. Call your mom, she misses you. But, don’t tell her you’re only calling because it’s better than studying for Econ.

  6. Cook a four course meal. Perhaps, a nice Italian meal: Bread and oil, minestrone soup, lasagna, and for dessert, Tiramisu.

  7. Binge watch a show from the list on our last blog post. Trust me, you won’t regret it.

Don’t just sit there and mope! Do something worthwhile if you don’t feel like studying just yet.
What do you do when you procrastinate?

8 Types of People You Find Over Break-Which one are you?


1. The Lazy One

They haven’t even thought about creating their schedule for the next semester. They have flipped the same shirt inside out for the past four days instead of changing it, and has no idea what day it is. They talk in grumbles making it barely understandable. They used to have a pet fish…

2. The Sleeper

The one that wakes up between 12:00PM and 4:00PM just to grab the leftover Papa John’s from two nights ago. They don’t even bother to heat the pizza up. After they brush their teeth they wash their mouth out with Mountain Dew and then go back to bed.
sleep guy

3. The Netflixer

You’ve seen it, they’ve watched it. They spend their break binge watching shows. They have watched Breaking Bad in one sitting, rewatched The Office three times, and can tell you every movie Kevin Bacon is in- but still isn’t caught up on his shows.
netflix guy

4. The Productive One

They could either be working 8 hours/day or applying to tons of internships. Sleeping in is impossible for this person. They never sleep past 8AM. As soon as they wake up they make a cup of coffee, open up their laptop, and begin to work. You probably won’t see them spending time with family and old friends at all.
work girl 

5. The Vacationer

The one that has been talking about their amazing trip for the past two months. As soon as they get home they begin packing for their flight to Cancun, the Bahamas, and Hawaii. They originally took a flight, but came back on a cruise ship. No one knows how they did it. They are all too jealous to even bother asking.
vacation guy

6. The Social One

That friend that you had study hall with that hits you up a month before break just to squeeze in plans to go to some hipster cafe with you. This person doesn’t have any time to do anything but tell you everything about their life.

7. The Visitor

This person goes back to their high school so they can “catch up” with their old teachers. It’s like he never left.You open Instagram and you see a selfie of this person and their favorite teacher captioned: “Reunited with my fav!” You’ll roll your eyes, but not as hard as their teacher did seeing him come back for the third time this week.

8. The Gymer

The one that has a daily fitness routine. They wake up at the crack of dawn, blend their protein shakes, and then they’re on their way to the gym. Rest days don’t exist for them. Their entire break consists of them posting pictures of their progress captioned, “New year, New me” on their social media accounts.
gym guy