3 Must-Do Things As A Penn State Student

Sometimes college students want to do something else with their money besides stay in town and do the same thing week after week. There are many other activities to do in the Centre county area involving nature, wildlife and more recreation. Gather up all of that money you made from selling notes and knock these things off your bucket list! Here are just a few opportunities:

1.Penn’s Cave & Wildlife Park

This tourist attraction is located just before you enter State College, PA in Centre Hall. Penn’s Cave offers cave tours, wildlife & nature tours, a maze, and more! The main attraction, which is the boat tour inside the cave lasts about 45 minutes and costs less than $20. This is a breath-taking tour through the mystic natural cave’s river that you will not regret. You will be able to see how dripping water forms the cave. The other activity to do while there is to go on a wildlife tour and see bears, deer, mountain lions, wolves, elk and much more! You are bound to leave with some additional knowledge on the wildlife that roams PA. The wildlife tour is open from April to November.

2. Millbrook Nature Center

Find your friend with a car and take a 3-minute car ride away from campus and visit this local nature center. The nature center is located off of East College Ave just before W.R. Hickey’s beer distributor. There is no cost for going on a walk on the beautiful scenic trails following Thompson Run Creek. This is a location where many local townies go to walk their dogs and jog. You can also bring hot dogs and burgers to grill while relaxing with your friends. This is for everyone!

3.Stone Valley Recreation Area

If anyone has been to Shaver’s Creek Environmental Center, then you know where this is. Shaver’s Creek is Penn State’s official nature center and welcomes the public anytime! The Stone Valley Recreation Area is free to go and park. You could rent a boat there for $8 an hour with your PSU ID card, bring your grilling material and enjoy the relaxing atmosphere away from downtown. This is a great place to bring a lawn chair and your notes to study! This location is approximately 20 minutes from campus.

Time Management During College



Time management is something every college student struggles with. Between classes, extra curricular activities and trying to find time to socialize with friends, we as a generation are spreading ourselves too thin. We feel this need to be involved in so many different activities at once or we miss out and most of the time we are not able to give them our all. Everyday I hear my friends talk about how they’re doing this and that and the classic “Oh that’ll look so good on your resume.” I am not denying I have not been like that, but I have found an interest to get involved with things I like rather than what I think will look best on my resume. I have experienced the trial and error moments, and through that I have discovered what works best for me. Whether it is planning my professional activities, academic career or social life, I have learned that with the help of a few time management skills I can get so much accomplished. I have discovered a few key things that help me with time management: a planner, a few minutes at the beginning of the week and a simple routine. I have found that by sitting down on Sunday night for a total of 10 minutes and just looking at what I have coming up for that week, makes my week so much easier. I am able to write down when I have assignments due, meetings and specific social events as well. It might be the type a personality in me, but it is such an easy thing to do and getting it out of the way. Time management is not hard to get the grasp of, but it does take some time. So here’s my advice – take that time, and the rest will fall into place.