The Supplies You Need To Be Better Off In College!

Must- have supplies for school

I am a junior at Penn State University studying Information Sciences and Technology . Before IST, my major was film production and even before that it was environmental engineering. I have been around different departments and there are 2 supplies that I need regardless of the area of interest. 

1.) Omega NotesOmega Notes is a online platform where users can buy and sell notes. Users can choose if they want to be a buyer, seller or both. The way I have setup my account is as a buyer and a seller. So I sell more often than I buy because selling gets money in my pocket. Then I upload them on Omega Notes, when exams come close I make more money. It is a great way for me to make some money for the weekends. Also, I am not good at taking notes for every subject so I buy notes from other people and that helps me to ace exams.

2.) An organized notebook

I am more notebook and pencil kind of person. My notes are all handwritten and I have decent handwriting. Over the course of time I have filled notebooks for my notes and they have work pretty good for me. My handwritten notes sell pretty good on Omega Notes. A lot of times people believe that typed don’t sell but my notes have been selling pretty good. Besides having a notebook for each class, I also use one for personal task management and organization .

It’s the Little Things That Helped Me Find Balance in College


There’s a thin line between work and play as a college student.

It’s balancing act you probably never really dealt with before coming to college.

I’m a junior and every semester I still struggle with managing my Type-A-personality-workaholic-perfectionist-tendencies. It took me 3 academic years of trial and error to figure out what worked for me to help find that balance.

For me, it’s the little things. Sprinkling positive, uplifting affirmations throughout my day make schoolwork more exciting and my day just a little more interesting.

I put together a list of my favorite little things that keep morale high throughout the day …

  1. Buy a planner and actually USE IT! – buying a planner is the easy part, using it is the hard part. Your teachers probably give you a syllabus the first day of class, right? At the end of the day, take 10 minutes to write what assignments and tests you have due for your classes. Trust me, knowing what you have due in your classes will reduce stress levels a lot and you’re less likely to get caught in that situation where you realize you have an assignment due … the night before its due.

If you’re looking so spice up your planner game, check out riflepaperco for some planner inspo.

Using “stickies” on your laptop is a free alternative to buying a planner!


2. Join a club or organization that you’ll enjoy participating in – Lucky for you, Penn State has literally over 1,000, yes, over one thousand, clubs and organizations to get involved in.

Getting involved on campus keeps you on a schedule and forces you to learn the art of time management.

Joining an organization that meets regularly helps break up your day and give you something to look forward to during studying-induced stress.

  1. Make studying a little more exciting – I’d be lying if I told you I truly loved I think one of the hardest parts it getting into your study groove. To get prepared to do some serious work, I need to find a good study spot (Abba Java and 4th floor Paterno cubbies are my favorite), then find the perfect study playlist. one word: Soundcloud
  1. Don’t forget to take time for yourself — It’s easy to get wrapped up in studying for a midterm worth 25% of your final grade or editing that research paper over and over and over…

But it’s important to give yourself and your brain a break.

Giving yourself a 15-minute study break to take a lap around the library or running a quick errand or calling a family member can be just what you need to refocus, re-energize and de-stress.


  1. Make yourself do one stress relieving activity a day – Days can get really jam packed and it’s easy to feel overwhelmed throughout the day.


But don’t worry … your busiest week will eventually end.

 Read a few pages of a book you love before bed, find a free yoga class, go on a walk and listen to your favorite song, have a pizza night with your roommates.

If it helps you de-stress and re-motivates you to take on the next day, go for it!