How to Apply VARK Assessment to Note Taking

If you haven’t ever heard of the VARK assessment before, we highly recommend you check it out! VARK is a questionnaire that helps you learn by suggesting what strategies you should be using. VARK stands for visual, aural, read/write, and kinesthetic. Below, read a little bit more about each of the study strategies and how we suggest implementing them in your note taking!



This one is pretty self explanatory. Visual learners prefer to see something to learn from it. The best way to visually learn is to create pictures to help you remember something. You can do this with different formats, space, graphs, diagrams, and maps. Rather than just writing words, turn the concept into a visual aid and you’ll be more likely to understand it.


Aural learners are people that learn from listen. Sometimes the “a” can stand for acoustic to represent this to. If you are an aural learner, never skip a lecture. Hearing the professor talk will be beneficial. It would also be wise to form a study group and have discussions with others to hear the ideas expressed in different ways. Also, when looking at your notes talk out loud about them. Pretend you are teaching the concept to somebody else.


Again, this one is pretty self explanatory. If you are somebody who learns to read/write, you prefer things listed in lists, notes, and texts. This could be either in print or online. The best advice is to read your text book and write you notes. You can read other students notes at or you can even write them yourself and upload them to earn some extra cash.


This is probably the most unique style of learning. Kinesthetic learners learn through movement. They like to incorporate their senses, exercises, examples, and looking at trial and error. To learn kinesthestically, provide examples in your notes that will help you remember the concept in a real world sense. You can also associate certain body movements with ideas or concepts to help you remember. For example, the popular kids show Hannah Montana provided a dance to learn the different bones of the body.


If you haven’t checked out the VARK assessment, look up the quiz online and find your results! After discovering what type of learner you are, you’ll be able to utilize methods and strategies to be the best student possible!