The Personal Knowledge Network for Your Association

Engage Members Through Collaboration

Collaborative Knowledge Sharing, Member Empowerment

Drive member engagement through collaborative knowledge sharing. Empower your members to share ideas, network and learn with one another in an easy to use social environment.

Foster Communities

Create Customized Communities, Tailored to the needs of members

Just because the event stopped doesn’t mean the conversation has to stop. From small sub committees to association wide, foster a sense of community amongst your members. Create custom Omega Notes Communities tailored to the needs and interests of your member segments.

Connect Members with Resources

Consolidate all of your member resources into one place. From recorded webinars to best practices to tribal knowledge, Omega Notes is the hub for association knowledge.

Consolidate Your Knowledge With Omega Notes
Revenue Generation through Members Sponsorship

Revenue Generation

Turn member engagement into revenue generation with sponsorship opportunities. Allow your members to sponsor Omega Notes Communities, Sections and more. Revenue generated from your member sponsorships is all yours.

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