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Omega Notes Content Curation

The digital age has given institutions access to a seemingly limitless amount of content that can be used to enhance student learning experiences. Finding the most relevant content to use in courses with specific learning objectives can be an overwhelming task.

Content Curation by Omega Notes gives the professional support an institution needs to gather required content, discover new materials, and navigate copyright licensing.

We differentiate ourselves through our publisher partnerships. Regardless of the content or the publisher, we can curate and deliver the materials needed in one cohesive learning experience all through our innovative Course Pack system.

A Simple Three-Step Process

Step 1

A qualified Omega Notes representative will work with you to gather and organize the content objectives for your specific course(s).

Step 2

We will search our library of resources for materials that match content to your unique course requirements and learning objectives.

Step 3

We deliver a curated Course Pack with materials vetted by our professional librarians and handle all the licensing and copyright complications.

Omega Curation Highlights

Ready to Get Started?

Our Instructional design services go beyond finding material, we’ll find the material and design curriculum to meet your institutions rigorous standards.

All content curated by Omega Notes is delivered directly to students and educators through our advanced Course Pack system allowing to engage the digital natives.

Through Insights, an institution can track student Course Pack success to ensure all content is meeting any unique academic standards.

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