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You care about your students. So do we. We developed Omega Notes because we’ve seen the high costs, low engagement, and numerous problems caused by outdated educational methods. Our highly advanced platform provides unparalleled content distribution, collaboration, assessments, and analytics to revolutionize collegiate education.



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Real-time Collaboration


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Coursepack E-Reader

Our e-reader gives you the ability to create interactive e-books for your class. Students can take notes, draw pictures, search for terms, highlight and much more all in the course pack. We provide the content the students need in the medium in which they use.

Over the past 40 years, the price of textbooks has risen over 800%.* More and more students are not buying textbooks because they are so expensive. With Omega Notes, we can provide the specific content you need without any of the unnecessary fluff. Instead of purchasing 3 books that students use only a small portion, why not provide just the content they need?

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Reduce Costs

Your course should revolve around the content you want, not the content publishers want you to buy. Choose content from sources such as textbooks, newspapers, videos, PowerPoints and more. Your content selection is only limited by your imagination. Best of all, we can provide as little or as much content as you would like.

Safe and Secure

Omega Notes values your course materials and employs high level security controls to prevent unauthorized distribution of Course Pack content. Our platform employs Two-Factor Authentication and prohibits emailing, sharing and downloading of course pack content.*

*Students may download the notes that they have taken in the course pack. Contact your Omega Notes representative for more details.

Real-time CollaborationReal-time Collaboration


Designed to mimic social media sites, the Notebook allows students the ability to create and store Notes, Annotations, Flashcards and even Ask Questions. All note types can be created inside the course pack and centered on a specific section. The Notebook makes it easy to create, share and discuss course content.

Easily create, participate in and monitor group work. With just a couple clicks, you can automatically create student groups. As a professor, you are added as a group member for every group. Now you can easily guide discussions and monitor group behavior to know who is actually working.

Group Work
Anonymous Posting

Students are often afraid to ask a question or engage in the class for a fear of being wrong. With Anonymous posting, students have no reason to not engage. Students may also take Notes, Flashcards and Assistance note types publicly, privately or anonymously.

Measure Engagement

Studies have shown that students aren’t learning like previous generations and the learning culture has yet to adapt to the millennial generation. Omega Notes drives course engagement by providing all the tools students need to succeed in a medium in which they already use. On our platform students can collaborate on group readings, ask others questions, watch videos, study flashcards, and more all in an environment designed to mimic their culture.


Add Custom Quizzes

Easily add quizzes to your course pack to assess learning. You can easily create multiple choice, true or false and short answer questions. Depending on how your content is structured, the quiz could be gated: students must achieve a certain grade on the quiz before proceeding to the next chapter.

Our patent pending technology provides insight into learning as it is occurring. As students consume the coursepack they will be periodically asked how well they are understanding the material. They can rate their understanding on a scale from extremely confused to complete comprehension. This technology also includes a timeout feature to understand why a student is on a page for an extended amount of time. Students may also provide optional comments on the material. All of this information is displayed for your convenience in an easy to use dashboard.

Self-Assessment Data
Student Feedback

When a student signifies that a chapter is completed, a more detailed self-assessment appears requesting users to state more detailed thoughts on the material. These questions can include items such as what the student found most difficult, what readings the student liked the best, what changes the student would like and more.


Easy to use

Your professor dashboard has been thoroughly designed and optimized for the on the go professor. Our reporting provides you with the most up to date information on student behavior. You can easily look at an individual student, group or class behavior quickly and efficiently.

Omega Notes Analytics allow you to easily measure participation and engagement in your class. This system was designed to easily keep track of who is engaging versus those who are not. You can also monitor group behavior and see who is contributing to the group and the conversation or even guide the conversation yourself.

Measure Participation
Understand Who Needs Help

Frequently students are afraid to ask for help or ask when it is too late. With Omega Notes Analytics, you can track individual, group or total course pack behavior. Easily see if a particular student is struggling with a certain topic or even a specific page. Our analytics tell you how the student studied and how it relates to others in the classroom. As a professor, you have unbiased information on what the student actually studied and participated in.

Know What to Teach

If students are spending unusually high amounts of time and continually scoring low on their Self Assessments on a specific page of the course pack, then they likely need help. Plus, with the Self Assessments, students have the opportunity to tell you what they are confused on, or whether or not the content was interesting. This information lets professors know what students want to see taught and what changes they would like to see to their learning.

Qualitative Reporting

Omega Notes' patent pending interface collects and reports detailed analytics on student behavior within the Course Pack. We collect both qualitative (Notes students have taken, comments on other notes, Self Assessment reports) and quantitative (time spent per page, number of notes posted, number of comments, quizzes, Self Assessment scores) data. All of the data is reported on individual, group, and class levels.

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