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Setting Up Omega Notes In 4 Simple Steps

Setting up Omega Notes is simple. A short conversation with an Omega Notes representative can have you ready in a matter of minutes! To setup you and your students for success, Omega Notes recommends that you follow the 4 step process below.

Engage Your Students With Collaborative Course Content

Omega Notes’ Course Packs give all institutions the ability to distribute interactive e-books and course material to their classes. Bring textbooks, case-studies, scholarly journals, news articles, web clippings, and even faculty notes into one cohesive collaborative learning experience.

Course Pack Collaborate

Step 1: Send Omega Notes Your Syllabus

Review your current syllabus to see if you want to make any updates or adjustments. If you need assistance with your syllabus or you want to have an professional ID review your syllabus, please ask your Omega Notes representative about our Instructional Design services.

Email your course syllabus to your representative for your Course Pack development.

Within a short period of time you and your representative with meet to discuss the your content, licensing, and development process and options.

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Comprehension Analytics

Step 2: Establish Your Grading Requirements

Research has created a series of best practices on how to integrate Omega Notes into your instruction success and grading. We recommend the following in order to deliver a successful Omega Notes learning/collaborative experience:

  • 15-20% of final course grade
  • Ask 1 question per week
  • Answer 2 questions per week
  • For more detail on why we make these recommendations, please reference the Implementation Recommendations resource
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Course Packs and Notebook

Step 3: Send the Course Pack Link to Your Students

An Omega Notes representative will build your professor portal for your convenient access to your course content and analytics.

LMS integrations are available for enterprise accounts.

Your representative will provide you a unique Course Pack URL once your Pack has been generated.

Send this URL to your students via:

  • Course Syllabus
  • LMS Announcement
  • Email

Once students log into Omega Notes and purchase their course, they will have immediate access to the Platform.

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Notebook Comment Thread

Step 4: Present Omega Notes to Your Students

In order for the Platform to deliver the level of success necessary for a collaborative learning experience, it is critical that you introduce Omega Notes, its purpose, and your expectations for your classes’ use of the Platform.

  1. Provide a brief introduction (5-7 minutes) of Omega Notes and why its of value to your class. (we might want to include a link here to some introductory paragraphs from which instructors can choose)
  2. Ask your students a series of questions to ascertain their level of comprehension of and buy-in to the idea of active collaboration:
    -What are the benefits of collaboration?
    -What does collaboration look like in a classroom?
    -Why is collaboration going to make your learning in this class more successful?
    -Will you be collaborating daily using this platform?
  3. How you present Omega Notes as a tool, as well as how you set your expectations for learning success within your course objectives and grading, will determine how successful your course and students will be using Omega Notes.
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