How does it work?

How does it work?

Get paid for your education with a few simple clicks. Omega Notes really makes it that easy.

1. Make your own account within a couple minutes.

2. Start adding new notes. Upload any PDF or picture of notes you may have from any of your classes - past or present - for free!*

3. Create a title, add a description, and set your own price. Receive profit for something you're already doing. Leave the notes up for as long as you'd like! And get paid for them instantly.

4. Shop around! Don't be afraid to check out other students notes either to help you further prepare for a class. - How does it work?

*Users will be charged $1.99 for products listed at or above $35.00. Users will also be charged accordingly for listing notes for an extended amount of time (24 months for $2.99 and 36 months for $4.99) and/or charged $1.99 for creating a listing whose size exceeds 25,000 KB.