What is Notesharing?

What is Notesharing?

All notes are not created equal.

If you're one of the students who haven't quite mastered note taking, that doesn't mean you are not smart or that you are a bad student. We all could use some help every now and again. That is where the idea of note sharing comes into play!

Omeganotes.com - what is note sharing?

Note sharing is exactly what it sounds like.

It is sharing notes, either typed documents or handwritten material, with other students and friends. Students have been sharing notes for years now, whether it is just helping a friend who missed class or selling your notes to the books store during finals week. Here at Omega Notes, we decided there has to be a more efficient way to carry out this tradition. That’s why we decided to bring note sharing to the 21st century.

Omega Notes benefits not only students who are looking to purchase class notes or study guides to help prepare for an exam, but also encourages students to take better notes in classes. Let’s be honest, it wouldn't hurt to receive some extra cash. Why not increase your income with something you already do? That’s where we can help. Omega Notes is simple and user friendly. Just upload your notes that you have taken and then watch the money roll in. The better notes you take the more money you can make!