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Omega Course Packs give all educators the ability to distribute interactive e-books and course material to their classes. Our network of content partners ensure that Omega Notes can easily and affordably meet the needs of any institution. Bring textbooks, videos, scholarly journals, news articles, audio, web clippings, and even faculty notes into one cohesive learning experience.

Students access their classroom specific material within a Course Pack. While in the Omega e-Reader, students can work with others, take notes, draw pictures, search for terms, highlight, and more through a simple interface. With the Omega Collaborative Learning System students have access to the material they need to succeed in the digital medium they want to use.

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The Omega Notebook functions as a hub for students to keep track of their flashcards, notes, questions, and other study materials. Designed to mimic the intuitive nature of social media sites, the Notebook allows students to stay organized and connected with their peers and professors in an academic-focused social environment.

The Notebook seamlessly integrates with Course Packs ensuring note taking is easy, effective, and engaging. It has never been easier to create, share, and discuss course content.

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Omega Insights gives educators the ability to take a proactive approach to education. Our assessment system seamlessly measures comprehension throughout a student’s academic journey. Easily monitor participation and engagement in any class. This system was designed to effectively identify who is and who is not engaged while giving insight into the reasons why.

With Omega Insights, educators can track individual, group, or specific Course Pack behavior. Our Insights platform explains the study patterns of students and details how it relates to others in the classroom. All of this information gives educators at an institution the information they need to modify the academic approach in a way that suits the unique learning behaviors of every student

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Omega Notes Insights

Here’s What Customers Think

Course Packs are a great way to engage with my students. The students have affordable access to the content and collaborative tools they want while I can understand who needs help.

Professor, The College at Brockport

As a former dean, one of my largest concerns was engaging students while measuring learning outcomes. The Omega Notes platform delivers a distinctive learning experience for students while providing academic leaders insights into the behavior of their students.

Former Dean, College of Business at Bloomsburg University

Course Packs are a must have for any professor. My students have engaged significantly more than previous semesters and with the analytics, I can tailor my lectures to meet the needs of the students.

Instructor, Penn State, University Park

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