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Improve Academic Success

Your leadership, integrity, and strategic academic vision for excellence is the driving force behind your continuing success as an institution. Technological changes have caused a major shift in pedagogy combined with low student engagement, and today’s new generation needs your innovative academic vision.

Designed for Students

The Omega Notes platform was designed for the new generation’s natural tendency of engaging through social media.The results? An effective learning system that drives engagement.

Unmatched Data Analytics

The scalability of the analytics available within Omega Notes’ Insights is unmatched. Administrators and educators can track student and institution success from the college, department, course, Course Pack, and section level.

Student Feedback

Our patent-pending assessment technology makes it possible for students to provide feedback while they’re learning the course material giving genuine insights into the student’s learning process… in real-time.

Enrich Course Content while Streamlining Technology

Omega Notes eliminates technology silos by offering an Always ON™ Digital Learning Platform that can host content from any source. Yes! We bridge the gap between a Content Management System and a Learning Management System.

Omega Notes Streamline

Respect Academic Freedom

As a content-agnostic platform, institutions can now deliver the optimal content through out Course Pack system for learning, regardless of the original source or publisher.

Cloud-based, Easy Technology

On-site solutions can be complicated and expensive to maintain. Institutions can reduce their IT overhead with a scalable cloud-based solution such as Omega Notes.

Omega Notes Save Time

Save Time and Money Institution-wide

With Omega Notes, your institution will keep students engaged while they reach their academic goals. Our collaborative learning system and advanced learning analytics allow educators to take that proactive approach to education they’ve been asking for. You can expect to see an increase in student success and a decrease in attrition.

Increase Student Retention

Many analytics platforms show you what students have learned, Omega Notes delivers detailed information on how and why students are learning. With this approach, educators can help students succeed before a negative event.

Simplify Accreditation with Insights

Omega Notes’ Insights makes it easy to monitor and uphold the quality standards set by accreditation organizations. Omega Notes is a proud member of the Council for Higher Education Accreditation International Quality Group.

Mitigate Legal Risks

Under U.S. Copyright Law, the copyright owner has the exclusive right to do or authorize reproduce their works in copies. It’s a common misconception that education is exempt from certain fair-use standards. As such, photocopying even a few pages of a textbook With Omega Notes’ platform, a professor can send pieces of content to students easily, or journal and sending those pages to students is a major violation of US Copyright Law. affordably, and legally.

Omega Notes Risks
Omega Notes Support

Full-Service Options Including FREE Course Onboarding

Comprehensive support and service along with complimentary training options make Omega Notes a premiere institution partner. Custom LTI or API integrations are available to ensure the Omega Notes platform blends seamlessly into your institution’s technology infrastructure.