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Learning Strategies for Digital Natives

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Omega Notes’ instructional design services can be provided to your institution as part of our Collaborative Learning System service offerings.

Omega Notes’ instructional designers provide consultative support for participating faculty who are developing courses for online, hybrid, or face-to-face settings. Our professional team will ensure that your course is designed to leverage the full potential of our Collaborative Learning System. We can manage everything from current course optimization to new program curriculum development. Content curation is included for all courses designed by Omega Notes.

This service is designed to bring faculty and our instructional design team together to collaborate on specific elements of a new or existing course that will incorporate an Omega Notes’ Course Pack.

A social presence is very important in the online classroom. Omega Notes moves course reading from being an individual, very solitary activity, to a more social activity. Students can now annotate and share thoughts.

Shared with Omega Notes by a D.Ed., Instructional Designer, Penn State

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Content curation is included for all instructional design service customers. Just looking for content curation? Visit our content curation service offering page.

All curriculum designed by Omega Notes is delivered directly to students and educators through our advanced Course Pack system to best engage the digital natives at your institution.

Insights is out advanced analytics system. Through Insights, an institution can track student success to ensure all content and curriculum is meeting any unique academic standards.

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