Know More, Manage Less.

Connecting People with Knowledge Collaboratively

Retain Employees (AND their Knowledge)

Platform Overview

With Omega, employees feel empowered to contribute directly to the organization by sharing knowledge directly with their colleagues, collaboratively. 85% of employees agree that preserving and sharing unique knowledge in the workplace is critical to increasing productivity.

Make Learning Fun

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Face it, your employees’ knowledge has outgrown a spreadsheet, a .doc, or a Wiki! Omega’s technology is built upon social media interactivity so input, questions, and answers flow organically and intuitively. And it is fun!

Foster a Community of Contributors

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As with all social media channels, Omega taps into the natural inclination of 9.3 billion people to engage with one another online, socially. Omega is a simple one-step technology employees adopt because they use similar formats daily. More than knowledge sharing, with Omega you can share announcements, events, acknowledgments… even jokes 🙂

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Drive Engagement Because it’s Social

Most “knowledge sharing” software are gloried filing cabinets. Whereas, Omega is built upon social technology and reflects the living breathing community of employees who engage within. Omega is the technology of choice for all generations of employees, remote teams, idea managers, human resource professionals, and learning officers.

One Less Thing to Manage

With Omega, a business can be up and running in no time so you have one less thing on your plate.

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Know More so You Can Manage Less

The best outcomes drive your organization. Whether your goals include driving employee retention, connecting remote teams, shortening the sales cycle, Omega’s real-time analytics let you assess how effective your knowledge sharing culture is developing your company’s collective intelligence. Omega is a knowledge-sharing company. We connect people with the knowledge they need using socially-proven functions in an interactive, fun environment.

Join us as we grow the next generation of knowledge sharing built for the modern workforce.

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