About Us

What is Omega Notes?

Founded in 2014, Omega Notes is one of the leading collegiate learning services companies. Initially created as a collaborative notes marketplace where students can exchange notes and user-generated content, the company has expanded to provide services for faculty and administrators as well.

Omega Notes pairs cutting-edge technology with tailored learning solutions. Our services include:


Omega Notes’ COURSE PACKS aims to contribute toward our mission of radically transforming traditional methods of higher education. Here’s our solution - a diverse bundle of services ranging from content management, to collaboration tools, to advanced analytics and more. The cloud-based platform provides faculty and students the tools they need to enhance their classroom experience, all at the lower overall cost.


The Notebook represents a cloud-based community of learning. Accessible to all Omega Notes users, the Notebook seeks to improve classroom engagement and group collaboration. By making it easy to discuss, create and share course content, students can freely take notes, ask questions, and study with friends in a social media like atmosphere.


We understand the value of good notes and the importance of having access to them. Our peer notes service allows students to freely buy and sell educational material without worrying about long-term subscriptions or hidden fees.

We are dedicated to solving the major problems of higher education: affordability and engagement. By putting students first and focusing on improving learning outcomes, we can truly make a difference in the communities we serve. We aim to generate valuable, actionable insights about student learning so professors can make informed decisions and watch their students succeed.

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